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ER APP ATC 174 — ATC System to Support Flight-Centric ATC

The ATC system is modified to permit Flight Centric ATC, whereby a flight is assigned to a controller and remains assigned to that controller for a significant part of its segment within the designated airspace.
Local Traffic Complexity Management is modified to determine complexity and workload according to the revised working method. The enhanced local traffic management and ATC integration (INAP) function supports the allocation of responsibility based on optimum workload distribution in Flight- Centric environment.
Rule based conflict detection and resolution supporting ATC separation management and coordination between multiple ATCOs in Flight centered operations environment.
Conflict Detection and Resolution is modified to assist in the resolution of conflicts involving multiple controllers.
Flight Data Management and Distribution is modified according to the revised flight allocation rules.
The Controller Human-Machine Interface Management is updated according to the revised working method and division of responsibility. Specific HMI enabling full situational awareness in FC-ATC environment, including indication of flights and air traffic flows under separate ATCO responsibility and presentation of all required data in relation to all specific flights and not geographically.

  • Air Navigation Service Provider
    • Civil
    • Civil ATS Approach Service Provider
    • Civil ATS En-Route Service Provider

Operational Improvement Steps

Code Benefits start date (IOC) - Full benefit date (FOC)
2015 15
2016 16
2017 17
2018 18
2019 19
2020 20
2021 21
2022 22
2023 23
2024 24
2025 25
2026 26
2027 27
2028 28
2029 29
2030 30
2031 31
2032 32
2033 33
2034 34
2035 35
2036 36
2037 37
2038 38
2039 39
2040 40

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