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A/C-01 — Enhanced positioning for LPV/RNP based on Single Frequency SBAS

Enhanced positioning for Localizer Precision with Vertical Guidance Approach based on Single Frequency Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) or equivalent military system e.g. GPS encrypted signal

  • Air Navigation Service Provider
    • Military
    • Civil-Military Airspace Management Cell (military side)
  • Airspace User
    • Civil
    • Civil Scheduled Aviation
    • Civil Business Aviation-Rotorcraft
    • Military
    • Military Transport

Dependent Enablers

Relationship Code Title Related Elements
Supported by A/C-06 Flight management and guidance for LPV approach based on SBAS
Has successor A/C-07 Flight management and guidance for RNP transition to ILS/GLS/LPV
Is synchronised with CTE-N06 Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS)
Is synchronised with CTE-N06a EGNOS V2.4.X

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