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PRO-066b — ATC Procedures for using time-based separations on approaches

The ATCO procedures required to enable TBS include the procedures associated with the electronic provision of dependent information required by the TBS tool (correction of aircraft type and wake category information, updating the arrival sequence, informing of the runway-in-use, scenario specific spacing, information on departure gap for the mixed mode); procedures associated with the use of a displayed separation indicator when setting up the appropriate spacing when merging the follower aircraft on to final approach and refining the spacing set up to the lead aircraft; procedures associated with the use of the separation indicator for monitoring of the continued appropriateness of the spacing between an arrival pair as the arrival pair progress down the final approach glideslope towards the runway landing threshold, and the criteria for when to take intervention action to prevent or to recover from a separation infringement and finally the procedures associated with the separation mitigation functions and associated warnings.

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