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STD-090 — Update of ICAO standards for Global Reporting Format of runway surface conditions

ICAO State-Letter 2015/30 (published on 29/05/2015) proposed all amendments to ICAO documentation to introduce the Global Reporting Format, an enhanced format for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions: amendment of Annexes 3; 6, Parts I and II; 8; 14, Volume I; 15; PANS-Aerodromes and PANS-ATM.
Main amendments concern:
ICAO Amendment 13 to the Annex 14, Volume I was adopted in February 2016, and will be applicable in November 2020.
ICAO Amendment 1 to the Procedures for Air Navigation Services ¿ Aerodromes (PANS-Aerodromes, Doc 9981) will be applicable in November 2020.
These amendments are designed to help reporting runway surface condition in a standardized manner (the global reporting format and Runway Condition Code (RWYCC) for each third of each runway) so that flight crew are able to accurately assess aircraft take-off and landing performance, resulting in a global reduction in runway excursion incidents and accidents.
ICAO Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services, fifteenth Edition, July 2016, applicable since November 2016, details the SNOWTAM format including Global Reporting Format runway surface friction status information use.

Sub Category
  • Air Navigation Service Provider
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    • Civil ATS Aerodrome Service Provider
    • Civil ATS Approach Service Provider
    • Civil ATS En-Route Service Provider
    • Military
    • Military ATS Aerodrome Service Provider
    • Military ATS Approach Service Provider
    • Military ATS En-Route Service Provider
  • Airport Operator
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    • Military APT operator
  • Airspace User

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