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METEO-06b — Generate and provide MET information relevant for Network related operations (PCP)

ATM-MET system acquiring, generating, assembling and providing Meteorological (MET) information to the SWIM network and in a SWIM compliant manner to support all actors in Network management related operations and consistent with information relevant for other operational user environments such as Airport and final approach and TMA and En-route.
Dedicated ATM-MET System capabilities will introduce new or improved meteorological nowcast and forecast capabilities to support enhanced decision making. The MET information will be made available through a system that provides the capability to consolidate and make the MET information consistent and coherent with other operational user environments and easily accessible for SWIM actors.
This includes the ability to acquire, assemble and provide the relevant, ground, aircraft and space-based MET observation information, supported by enabler METEO-3, CTE-S7b and A/C-47.
The MET system capability for PCP focuses on acquiring, generating, assembling and providing meteorological information supporting (automated) ground and aircraft based decision making process or aids involving the relevant MET information, translation processes to derive constraints for weather and converting of this information in an ATM impact. The system capability mainly targets a 'time to decision' horizon between 20 minutes and 7 days.

  • Air Navigation Service Provider
    • Civil
    • Civil MET Service Provider

Operational Improvement Steps

Code Benefits start date (IOC) - Full benefit date (FOC)
2015 15
2016 16
2017 17
2018 18
2019 19
2020 20
2021 21
2022 22
2023 23
2024 24
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2028 28
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2040 40

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