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METEO-03 — Provision and monitoring of real-time airport weather information (PCP)

ATM-MET ground based sub-system dedicated to acquire, collect, combine, provide and monitor Meteorological (MET) information from real time sensors (in situ and remote sensing) relevant for the Airport/TMA operational environment including wake turbulence applications and other operations that are more sensitive for wind such as time-based separation and curved approaches. This ATM-MET ground based sub-system enables ATM-MET systems or ATM systems directly by providing real time MET sensor information in a SWIM compliant manner or via direct provision of the legacy / native sensor data feed(s).

  • Air Navigation Service Provider
    • Civil
    • Civil MET Service Provider
    • Military
    • Military MET Service Provider
  • Airport Operator
    • Civil
    • Civil APT operator
    • Military
    • Military APT operator
  • Airspace User
    • Civil
    • Civil Scheduled Aviation

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