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SWIM-APS-02a — Consumption of Aeronautical Information services

Consumption of Aeronautical Information services for :
- PAMS services
- INO services
- SDO services.

  • Air Navigation Service Provider
    • Civil
    • Civil ATS Aerodrome Service Provider
    • Civil ATS Approach Service Provider
    • Civil ATS En-Route Service Provider
    • Military
    • Military ATS Aerodrome Service Provider
    • Military ATS Approach Service Provider
    • Military ATS En-Route Service Provider
  • Airport Operator
    • Civil
    • Civil APT operator
    • Military
    • Military APT operator
  • Airspace User
    • Civil
    • Civil Flight Operations Centre
    • Military
    • Military Wing Operations Centre
  • Network Manager

Dependent Enablers

Relationship Code Title Related Elements
Enabled by SWIM-STD-01 AIRM
Enabled by SWIM-STD-02 ISRM Rulebook
Enabled by SWIM-STD-03 Version 2 of EN 16495 Information security for organisations supporting civil aviation operations
Enabled by SWIM-STD-06 SWIM Compliance Framework
Enabled by SWIM-STD-07 SWIM Foundation
Enabled by SWIM-STD-08 AIRM Rulebook

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