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FOC-003 — FOC capabilities to support advanced RNP operations

This enabler includes the provision of satellite outage information for check purposes of enroute segments within the trajectory optimization, the provision of satellite outage information for briefing packages and the provision of Navigational Data (enhanced Airway/Segment data) and Aircraft Data including MEL/CDL limitations (equipment).
In detail it covers the request of satellite coverage data based on airspace information from an external data provider, the retrieval of satellite coverage data including amendments and storage in the flight planning aeronautical database, new optimization algorithm to find an optimized route through areas with sufficient satellie coverage for the conduct of the flight, the use of satellite outage data through the whole flight planning process and adaptation of the tools used for flight monitoring.

  • Airspace User
    • Civil
    • Civil Scheduled Aviation
    • Civil Business Aviation-Fixed Wing
    • Civil Business Aviation-Rotorcraft
    • Civil General Aviation
    • Civil Flight Operations Centre

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