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Low Complexity

A Low Complexity Terminal Airspace Operating Environment is a control area established at the confluence of aircraft trajectories in the vicinity of one or more major aerodromes, in which approach control service is provided by an ATC operational Unit with an Aggregated Traffic Complexity Score less than 2 or, if score is not available, with a number of serviced IFR flights less than 20000 per year.

Complexity Scores are provided in document PJ20 WP 2.2 "Methodology for the Performance Planning and Master Plan Maintenance", edition 0.13, 22 December 2017. The calculation is based on the Report commissioned by the Performance Review Commission on ┬┐Complexity Metrics for ANSP - Benchmarking Analysis┬┐, prepared by the ACE Working Group on Complexity and dated April 2006.

Important Note: OEs and Sub-OEs related definitions will be updated in the next data set.


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