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Solution #116 — De-icing Management Tool

The SESAR Technological Solution 'De-icing Management Tool' refers to a system capable of improving the predictability of aircraft de-icing operations at European airports where Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is already deployed. The procedure of applying required de-icing fluids to aircraft at most airports is primarily a business process that takes place between an airline and a specialised ground handling agent. The Solution increases the accuracy of information related to when the procedure is going to take place, how long it will take and when the aircraft will be ready to taxi for departure, which is currently calculated at best by predetermined estimates. The Solution means that air traffic controllers will have greater situational awareness of de-icing activities and no longer need to make their own estimates of when aircraft are ready for departure. The Solution envisages that de-icing operations are no longer characterised by the A-CDM concept as 'adverse conditions', i.e. a state that is in need of collaborative recovery procedures, but rather a part of normal operations in the winter period.

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