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Solution #113 — Optimised low-level instrument flight rules (IFR) routes for rotorcraft

Usually the rotorcraft operators have to face significant weather and terrain-related challenges when performing specific flight operations (e.g. civil transport, medical emergencies, etc.). For these reasons, the rotorcraft operations were suitably confined to flying only when they could meet strict visibility standards (VFR - Visual Flight Rules), limiting drastically their access in controlled airspace and accordingly the operations to and from airport included in class 'A' airspace (e.g. TMA - Terminal Area).
In addition, low clouds, fog, rain and snow, and the possible presence of mountains and valleys could affect seriously safety and success of concerned operations.
Nowadays, the GNSS technology enhanced by SBAS systems (without ground infrastructures), allow designing specific instrument (IFR ) routes that provide the needed integrity for the GPS signal, together with an improved accuracy, reliability and availability enabling the rotorcraft operators to access into the controlled airspace. Furthermore, the ICAO PBN concept (Performance Based Navigation), thanks to the development of RNP1\RNP0.3 navigation applications makes available a wide range of benefits aimed at enhancing more and more the rotorcraft operations, fully integrating them into the future ATM system.

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NAV12 ATS IFR Routes for Rotorcraft Operations

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