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Deployment Scenario Title

Optimised route network using advanced RNP

Deployment Scenario Description
Essential Operational Change Fully Dynamic and Optimised Airspace
Maturity Additional SESAR Solutions in deployment
Applicable Operating Environment
Airport Terminal Airspace En-Route Network
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035
Performance Contribution of the DS
Capacity Safety Environment Cost-efficiency Operational efficiency
Stakeholders affected (at least one enabler to be deployed)
ANSP AO AU Network Manager
Civil Military Civil Military Civil Military
TWR, APP, ENR, CNS, AIS TWR, APP, ENR Scheduled, BA Fixed, GA Transport Network Manager
SESAR Solutions
Solution Code Solution Title Solution Description Related Elements
#10 Optimised Route Network using Advanced RNP Based on Advanced-RNP navigation specification, design of optimised routes e.g spaced parallel...
Operational Improvement Steps
OI Step Code OI Step Title OI Step Description Related Elements
AOM-0404 Optimised Route Network using Advanced RNP Advanced RNP is implemented and supports enhancements of route structure. Spacing between routes...
Enabler Code Enabler Title Enabler Description Related Elements
A/C-04a Flight management and guidance for Advanced RNP Flight management and guidance for Advanced RNP i.e. RNP1 with more deterministic FRT in...
AIMS-14 Set up a digital data chain to ensure the Aeronautical Information data provision into on-board avionic systems Ensure the distribution of aeronautical information from Aeronautical Information sources using...
CTE-N08 DME Ground Infrastructure optimisation Optimisation of DME ground infrastructure to support RNAV1 and main reversionary capability in...
CTE-N01 GPS L1/L5 Modernised GPS constellation broadcasts the civilian use signals in two different frequency bands...
CTE-N02 GALILEO E1/E5 GALILEO Open Service broadcasted in Dual-Frequency (E1/ E5) will be used in ...
CTE-N03 GLONASS-K Modernised GLONASS constellation (GLONASS-K) provides additional satellite navigation signals...
CTE-N04 BEIDOU B1/B5 Dual-frequency (B/B5) BEIDOU constellation (B1 + B5). provides additional satellite navigation...
CTE-N12 VOR/DME MON (Minimum Operational Network) VOR/DME MON (Minimum Operational Network) supports an emergency back-up mode in case of GNSS...
CTE-N13a A-PNT (Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing) New or enhanced technologies enable the provision of A-PNT (Alternative Positioning Navigation...
CTE-NGOV01 Ground Navaids Optimisation/Rationalisation Plans Plans for the optimization/rationalization of the ground navaids infrastructure are defined and...