eATM Portal

Deployment Scenarios

This view presents Deployment Scenarios for changes that are in the pipeline towards deployment and that are associated with Essential Operational Changes. More...

These Deployment Scenarios are based on mature Solutions proposed for deployment, and Solutions approaching maturity. For each Deployment Scenario, the operating environment(s) in which performance gains can be realised is indicated. A rollout time is also provided: the timescales for start of deployment and end of deployment is shown in blue, and timescales for start of benefits at a given place/site, up to reaching of full benefit is shown in purple.

The contribution to performance is indicated on the right hand side of the table. When the contribution is positive, then it is shown in dark green. When it is shown in light green, then the contribution to performance has not yet been evaluated. The categories for the contribution to performance are:

CAP: Capacity, SAF: Safety, ENV: Environment, CEF: Cost-efficiency, OEF: Operational-efficiency

Select on the tabs at the top the set of Deployment Scenarios. They are shown allocated to an Essential Operational Change.
Hovering with the mouse over a Deployment Scenario or EOC name will display further details on it, hovering over a timeline bar will show the associated dates.