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SESAR Vision

In order to manage safely the future traffic growth, while mitigating environmental impact, the vision of SESAR is to deliver a fully scalable traffic management system capable of handling growing air traffic, both manned and unmanned. The vision will be realised across the entire European aviation network. More...

By 2040, increasing numbers of aerial vehicles (conventional aircraft and unmanned aircraft, such as drones) will take to Europe’s skies, operating seamlessly and safely in all environments and classes of airspace

Trajectory-based free route operations will enable airspace users (civil and military) to better plan and execute their business and mission trajectories within an optimised airspace configuration that meets safety, security and environmental performance targets and stakeholder needs.

The system infrastructure will progressively evolve with the adoption of advanced digital technologies, allowing civil and military ANSPs and the Network Manager to provide their services in a cost-efficient and effective way irrespective of national borders, supported by secure information services.

Airports and other operational sites (e.g. for rotorcraft and drones landing sites) will be fully integrated at the network level, which will facilitate and optimise airspace user operations in all weather conditions.

ATM will progressively evolve into a data ecosystem supported by a service-oriented architecture enabling the virtual defragmentation of European skies. Innovative technologies and concepts of operations will support a reduction in fuel and emissions while also mitigating noise impact, in support of the EU’s policy of transforming aviation into a climate-neutral industry.

Performance-based operations will be fully implemented across Europe, allowing service providers to collaborate and operate as if they were one organisation with both airspace and service provision optimised according to traffic patterns. Mobility as a service will take inter-modality to a next level, connecting many modes of transport into seamless door-to-door services for people and goods.

The vision is being realised in four progressive, and overlapping phases as follows: