The OAT Flight Plan Submission service supports the State user (usually the WOC), in enabling them to validate and then inform, the NM of its intention to operate one or more aircraft on a flight operating under OAT flight rules.

The OAT Flight Plan is communicated to the NM for validation and onward distribution based on internal rules and the trajectory of the flight.

Supported Activities

Change Mission Trajectory
Validate civil and military FPL

Providing/consuming Technical Systems

ATFCM Provider
State AU Wing Operations Centre (WOC) Consumer

Planned changes

SWIM-APS-03a - Provision of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-03b - Provision of ASM-ATFCM Information Services for Step 2
SWIM-APS-04a - Consumption of G/G ATFCM Information Services
SWIM-APS-04b - Consumption of G/G and initial A/G ASM-ATFCM Information Services on Wide Area communications
SWIM-APS-13 - Ground-ground SWIM enabled services for MT data facilitating DCB