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AF5 — Initial System Wide Information Management

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concerns the development of services for information exchange. SWIM comprises standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of information and its exchange between operational stakeholders via interoperable services. Initial System Wide Information Management (iSWIM) supports information exchanges that are built on standards and delivered through an internet protocol (IP)-based network by SWIM enabled systems.

Geographical Scope

iSWIM functionality shall be deployed in the EATMN as indicated in the table in section 5.2 of Regulation (EU) No 716/2014. In centres in the Member States that have non-integrated civil/military service provision (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain), iSWIM functionality shall be deployed to the extent required by Regulation (EC) No 552/2004, point 4 of Part A of Annex II.

Deployment Target Date

Operational stakeholders and the Network Manager referred to in the geographical scope shall provide and operate the iSWIM as of 1 January 2025.

Need for Synchronisation

The deployment of Initial System Wide Information Management functionality shall be coordinated due to the potential network performance impact of delayed implementation in a wide geographical scope involving a number of stakeholders. From a technical perspective the deployment of targeted system and service delivery changes shall be synchronised to ensure that the performance objectives are met. This synchronisation shall enable changes targeted within ATM functionalities 1 to 4 above as well as future common projects. Synchronisation shall involve all ATM ground stakeholders (civil/military air navigation service providers, airspace users for AOC systems, airport operators, MET Service Providers and the Network Manager. Furthermore, synchronisation during the related industrialisation phase shall take place, in particular among supply industry and standardisation bodies.

Interdependencies with other ATM functionalities

- SWIM services enable the AMAN functionality as described in AF 1, A-FUA as described in AF 3, Network Collaborative Management functionality as described in AF 4 and flight data processing systems to flight data processing systems exchange of down-linked trajectory information between ATS units required by Initial Trajectory Information Sharing functionality referred to in AF 6
- The implementation of SWIM infrastructure and services referred to in AF 5 facilitates the information exchange for all mentioned ATM functionalities

Essential Prerequisites

To support the blue SWIM TI Profile, very high and high capacity centres shall be connected to Pan-European Network Services (PENS).