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Learn about the Master Plan Level 3 Planning and Monitoring process

The European ATM Master Plan Level 3 is composed of two elements, an Implementation Plan and an Implementation Report. The Implementation Plan defines the common implementation actions required to improve the European ATM network over a short/medium term. It does it in the form of implementation objectives to be achieved within coordinated time scales, published every year.

Its target audience includes planning staff from the various stakeholders participating in the planning and monitoring process, both at European and national level. Implementation objectives bring tangible benefits to the European aviation community in terms of increased safety, capacity, cost-effectiveness or lesser impact on the environment.

The Local Single Sky ImPlementation documents (LSSIPs), as an integral part of the European planning and monitoring mechanism, constitute a medium-term plan containing ECAC States’ actions to achieve the Implementation Objectives as set out in the Implementation Plan and to improve the performance of their national ATM System.

The Implementation Report describes the progress made in enhancing the performance of Europe’s ATM network and in furthering the objectives contained in the Implementation Plan. It is based on information gathered mainly from the LSSIP documents but it also considers information from other sources such as Performance Plans, Deployment Programme, etc. and closes the loop between the monitoring and planning phases. Visibility of progress across the ECAC area is crucial for stakeholders and it allows the Implementation Report to show the tangible benefits that the investments and actions have delivered.