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CNS Roadmaps

The roadmap is driven by the evolution towards performance based communication, navigation and surveillance. This allows the ATM CNS to evolve from system-based operations toward the delivery of CNS services. More...

The CNS roadmap is based on a backbone infrastructure (composed of SWIM, multilink, GNSS DFMC, and ADS-B) complemented by minimum operational network through a graphical view. Technologies or types of technologies (represented by arrows) that have been grouped under functional domains. The individual arrow’s colour is driven by the framework under which the technology is implemented i.e. either performance-based communication, performance-based navigation, performance-based surveillance or, in the future, performance-based CNS. The components of the Infrastructure Backbone have been identified on the right side of the figure using grey boxes, whereas the technology expected to be rationalized and to be the components of the minimum operational network are identified with a “MON” prefix.