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Overall Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Progress

The figure below depicts the Level 3 implementation progress for reference year 2019 as described in the Progress report 2020. A detailed analysis of each objective is provided in the Implementation Objectives (Monitoring) section.

The 2020 Report (showing the situation at the end of 2019, before the COVID19 pandemic) is based on the Master Plan Level 3 2019 Implementation Plan that that included 54 active (i.e. monitored at network/national/local level) implementation objectives. Six Objectives (AOP15, AOP16, AOP17, AOP18, ATC19 and ATC20) were introduced in the Plan in 2019, therefore are addressed for the first time in the Report.

Overall, the implementation progress of the Master Plan Level 3 in 2019 was steady, with advances in implementation recorded all across the ECAC area. For 34 objectives (excluding local ones) at least one State/Airport has finalised completion in 2019. While acknowledging the continuous progress achieved in 2019 in the deployment of implementation objectives, this progress did not match the plans reported in the previous cycle. In some instances some States/Airports reverted from a “completed” status, leading to a reduction in the completion rate level. Out of the 7 implementation objectives expected to be completed in 2019, none has been achieved. The expected implementation dates for these objectives have been shifted by 1 or 2 years. Currently 18 objectives are late (meaning that the agreed FOC date has passed but the implementation has been completed by less than 80% of the States in the applicability area). Other 8 objectives are not yet late (the FOC date is still in the future), but based on the current implementation status and the closeness of their respective FOCs, they are either at risk of delay or delays in implementation are already planned by some administrations. Moreover, for 19 objectives it is not possible to derive an expected achievement date, either because the “local” nature of the objectives (for 10 objectives) or because implementation is at its very early steps, or concrete implementation plans have not been defined yet, so the current information does not allow a reliable estimation (for 9 objectives).

11 objectives were planned to be completed in 2020. However, these plans were put in place before the economic crisis caused by COVID19 pandemic, so it is reasonable to expect that some of these plans will change, being impacted by the inherent reprioritisation activities run by the implementing stakeholders.