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Overall Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Progress

The figure below depicts the Level 3 implementation progress for reference year 2020 as described in the Progress report 2021. A detailed analysis of each objective is provided in the Implementation Objectives (Monitoring) section.

The 2021 Master Plan Level 3 Report (reference year 2020) is based on the Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan edition 2020, that includes 53 active (i.e. monitored at network/national/local level) implementation objectives as well as on the LSSIP 2020 reports submitted by the EUROCONTROL States (and Maastricht UAC).

The Report is based on the implementation objectives listed in the Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2020, when the PCP Regulation (716/2014) was still applicable. Therefore, the FOC dates of the objectives, as the dates versus which the implementation progress was assessed were still the PCP imposed dates. In the meantime, the PCP Regulation has been repealed by the CP1 Regulation (116/2021) published in February 2021, imposing new compliance dates as well as changes to the mandated functionalities. These changes, to be inserted in the MPL3 Plan of 2021, will only be reflected in the next edition of the Report. However, even if formally the Report still refers to the PCP, the CP1 is extensively mentioned in the body of the document, as many stakeholders, in anticipation of the CP1 changes, have already adapted their implementation plans which is reflected in the number of “planned delays” (delays versus the initial FOC dates which are now overtaken by the CP1 dates).

The reporting period covered by the Report overlaps with the worst crisis in the history of European commercial aviation, brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The dramatic and unprecedented downturn in traffic has led many stakeholders to drastically reprioritise the implementation activities and this is reflected in the pages of the Report.

Based on the feedback received from States and local stakeholders during the LSSIP 2020 cycle, it can be noted that COVID-19 pandemic has impacted deployment activities in several ways:

  • financial aspect
  • organisational aspect
  • business environment aspect.

The objectives which appear to be most affected by COVID-19 pandemic crisis, according to currently available information from States are:

Taking the above into account, it has to be acknowledged that the progress achieved in 2020 is substantially better than expected, with 32 objectives (excluding local ones) for which at least one State/Airport has reported completion in 2020. The good progress achieved in 2020,in particular on infrastructure projects, is a strong indication that, despite COVID-19, the European ATM will build back better and will be ready when the increase in air traffic will require.