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AF3 — Flexible Airspace Management and Free Route

Combined operation of Flexible Airspace Management and Free Route enable airspace users to fly as closely as possible to their preferred trajectory without being constrained by fixed airspace structures or fixed route networks. It further allows operations that require segregation, for example military training, to take place safely and flexibly, and with minimum impact on other airspace users.

Geographical Scope

Flexible Airspace Management and Free Route shall be provided and operated in the airspace for which the Member States are responsible at and above flight level 310 in the ICAO EUR region.

Deployment Target Date

Network Manager, air navigation service providers and airspace users shall operate:
- DCT as from 1 January 2018
- FRA as from 1 January 2022

Need for Synchronisation

The deployment of Flexible Airspace Management and Free Route functionality shall be coordinated due to the potential network performance impact of delayed implementation in a wide geographical scope involving a number of stakeholders. From a technical perspective the deployment of targeted system and procedural changes shall be synchronised to ensure that the performance objectives are met. This synchronisation of investments shall involve multiple civil/military air navigation service providers, airspace users and the Network Manager. Furthermore, synchronisation during the related industrialisation phase shall take place, in particular among supply industry.

Interdependencies with other ATM functionalities

When available FRA and DCT shall be supported by Network Manager and SWIM systems specified in AF 4 and AF 5

Essential Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this functionality.

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