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AOP17 — Provision/integration of departure planning information to NMOC

The Network integration of departure estimates from medium and small sized airports via the exchange of Departure Planning Information (DPI), specifically ATC-DPI and CNL-DPI messages is needed to enhance the network benefit and improve the flow management process. This functionality aims to improve integration of departure estimates from medium or small-size airports when serving a complex airspace with dense traffic through improved availability of aircraft pre-departure information to the ATM Network, through the provision of accurate pre-departure information to the NM.

The objective also supports further integration of airports into the Network by addressing the reception from the NM of estimated landing times.

This objective should be considered as not applicable for the airports that already deployed A-CDM or planned to deploy A-CDM in near future.

NOTE FOR MILITARY AUTHORITIES: It is the responsibility of each military authority to review this Objective IN ITS ENTIRETY and address each of the SLoAs that the military authority considers RELEVANT for itself. This has to be done on top and above of the review of "MIL" SLoAs which identify actions EXCLUSIVE to military authorities.

Air Navigation Service Provider / Network Manager


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Applicability Area(s) and Timescales

Applicability Area:
(Subject to local need)
Timescales From By Applicable to
IOC used for Analytics functioning only - not for implementation planning 31-05-2019 Applicability Area
FOC used for Analytics functioning only - not for implementation planning 01-01-2030 Applicability Area

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Applicable legislation
Applicable ICAO Annexes and other references
Deployment Programme 2022
Operating Environments

Expected Performance Benefits

There will be an overall minor improvement in the safety of operations through the provision of timely and accurate information that is widely shared amongst all partners in the ATM business.
Improved availability of more accurate departure data will improve the performance of network management, thereby enabling the improvement of capacity through better confidence in NMOC traffic load predictions.
Operational efficiency
The improved data will increase predictability within the NMOC systems for demand on a sector, leading to: • Better decision making concerning when to open or close a sector; • Fewer unnecessary regulations leading to a reduction of ATFM delays; • Fewer overloads as sudden increases in demand will be rare.
Cost efficiency
  Code Title From By Related Enablers
ASP01 Upgrade the local ATC system so as to provide departure planning information
ASP02 Upgrade the local system to support reception of estimated landing time from NM
ASP03 Develop the procedures for information exchanges with the NM
ASP04 Train all relevant staff in the information exchanges with NM
ASP05 Develop local safety case
ASP06 Provide DPI message to NM
NM01 Integrate Departure Planning Information (DPI) in NM systems
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2001 01
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Supporting Material

Title Related SLoAs

EUROCONTROL - DPI Implementation Guide - 2.400 / 03/2019

ASP01, ASP02, ASP03, ASP04, ASP05, ASP06, NM01

EUROCONTROL - EUROCONTROL Implementation Guidelines Advanced ATC TWR airports - 1.700 / 06/2021

ASP01, ASP02, ASP03, ASP04, ASP05, ASP06, NM01

EUROCONTROL - SPEC-107 - EUROCONTROL Specification for ATS Data Exchange Presentation (ADEXP) - Edition 3.3 / 07/2020

ASP01, ASP02, ASP03, NM01

SJU - SESAR Solution 61: Data Pack for Controller Working Position (CWP) Airport – Low Cost and Simple Departure Data Entry Panel

ASP01, ASP02, ASP03, ASP04, ASP05, ASP06, NM01

Consultation & Approval

Working Arrangement in charge
Airport Operations Team (AOT)
Outline description approved in
Latest objective review at expert level
Commitment Decision Body
Provisional Council (PC)
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