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ATM Capability Model

The ATM Capability Model shows the breakdown of Air Traffic Management abilities which all stakeholders contribute to. Clicking on a capability will display details of how the capability is realised including the operational activities, services and human and technical resources that contribute to it.

Aerodrome Operations

Aerodrome Management

Surface Management

Landside Management

Airspace Organisation and Management

Airspace Design

Airspace Management

Demand and Capacity Balancing

Demand and Capacity Balancing (airport)

Demand and Capacity Balancing (airspace)

Traffic Synchronisation

Sequencing and Merging


Conflict Management

Separation Management (surface)

Separation Management (airspace)

Collision Avoidance (surface)

Collision Avoidance (airspace)

Crisis Management

Internal Crisis Management

External Crisis Management

Airspace User Operations

Flight prioritisation

Execute Trajectory

Mission Planning and Operational Control

ATM and U-space Service Delivery Management

Airspace User Assistance

ATM and U-space Service Management

Trajectory Management

Asset Management

ATM and U-space Asset Management

CNS Asset Management

Performance Management

Performance Management (operational)

Performance Management (infrastructure)

Information Management

Aeronautical Information Management

Meteorological Information Management

ATM and U-space Data Management

Information Infrastructure Management

SWIM Core Capabilities





CNS Integration