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CM-0812 — Non Transgression Zone (NTZ) ground safety net using DAPs information via ADS-B technology

Improve the NTZ ground safety net performance making use of Dowlinked Aircraft Parameters downliked via ADS-B. Improvements such as early detection that the separation mode could be compromised and avoid nuisance alerts. Information related with the current aircraft donwlinked parameters and intentions are used to improve the predicted trajectory and therefore to determine potential transgressions precisely and accurately. The DAPs used are:
- Roll Angle
- True Track Angle
- Track Angle Rate

Provide to the controllers with a reliable non transgression zone alerting system improved with the use of DAPs information via ADS-B. The objective is to reduce the number of nuisance alerts in situation managed by ATC and to increase the warning time in case of unsafe aircraft manoeuvres.
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