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AO-0108 — Airport Safety Nets for Controllers at Secondary Airports

Airport Safety is improved at Secondary Airports thanks to detection of potential and actual conflicting situations and incursions, involving mobiles and stationary traffic on runways, taxiways in the apron/stand/gate areas at the secondary (small/medium) airports, adjusted to the available infrastructure (alternative ground surveillance e.g. video camera, ADS-B only, etc.) and operational environment. Appropriate alerts are provided to the Controllers.

There is a need to have a ground safety net at secondary (small/medium) airports with different prerequisites (e.g. no A-SMGCS surveillance, no RMCA [Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting], no routing or no EFS [Electronic Flight Strips] - to be clarified as R&D progresses) compared to the airport safety net at the main airports with A-SMGCS Surveillance.
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