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AO-0301 — Crosswind Reduced Separations for Arrivals

This improvement proposes a change in the current ATM procedures that enables ATC controllers to reduce separations without any support of a new ATC controller tool. The level of operational applicability and benefits will depend on local wind conditions and runway orientation. Under defined crosswind conditions the wake turbulence minima to be applied between two aircrafts, can be reduced by 0.5 Nm for arrivals.

Recent wake turbulence validation activities show potential benefits in being able to temporarily increase runway throughput and/or absorb ground/airborne delays when considering that the wake turbulences under certain crosswind conditions are transported out of the approach flight path or that they have decayed enough because of the turbulence associated to the wind. In general the benefits will favour busy airports with large airborne delays. Airports that heavily rely on an operator's network based on transferring passengers will benefit from this procedure. The major benefits are to be achieved when a single segregated runway is used for arriving traffic and during peak periods or when airborne holding creates delays. The actual benefits are dependent mainly on local wind conditions, traffic mix (number of wake turbulence separated pairs) and traffic density. A positive benefit study was conducted for Paris CDG and London Heathrow airports.
It will provide a transitional step towards SESAR IP2 related operational improvements to be addressed by the SJU project P6.8.1 in Phase 2 - Weather Dependent Separations (WDS).
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