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CM-0209-b — Conflict Detection and Resolution in En-Route using aircraft data in Predefined and User Preferred Routes environments

The system provides real-time assistance to the En-route controllers in conflict detection and resolution using enhanced ground predicted trajectory through the use of aircraft derived data (including A/C trajectory data as defined in ATN B2 standards) in Predefined or User Preferred Routes environments and provides resolution support information based upon predicted conflict detection and associated monitoring features.

The objective is to provide the controller (Planner or Tactical) with Conflict Detection and Resolution tools using more accurate parameter settings and based on enhanced ground predicted trajectory through the use of improved and/or additional relevant data (e.g. extended flight plan data, Aircraft trajectory data downlinked via ADS-C, Aircraft data downlinked via ADS-B, met data┬┐). Improved and/or additional relevant trajectory data may be made available via extended flight plans, ground/ground IOP capabilities, air/ground datalink exchanges┬┐.
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