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AOM-0402 — Further Improvements to Route Network and Airspace incl. Cross-Border Sectorisation and Further Routing Options

The route network continues to be enhanced in accordance with Advance Airspace Scheme principles to further optimise airspace structures (route/sector) across airspace boundaries, to better align routes and sectors with traffic flows and to accommodate more efficiently the various types of airspace users (e.g. specialisation of routes and sectors where needed to enhance productivity and reduce controller workload).
An increasing number of cross border ATC sectors will emerge to support improved flight trajectories along with FABs development. More and more route options are made available thanks to flexible use of airspace and predictability of those options will increase.

This step is unavoidable before the target concept; routes will continue to characterise the airspace for the most part while optimum trajectories may be used in selected airspaces. Routes will be based on principles of route network design and sectorisation independent of national boundaries and adapted to main traffic flows. The gradual replacement of permanent routes by conditional routes will pave the way for trajectory-based operations.
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