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AUO-0203-C — Shared Business / Mission Trajectory (SBT) in Step 3

SBT/SMT information will be enriched to support performance based operations.
Information such as user preferred user trajectories or performance impact of DCB measures on affected traffic will be shared and updated dynamically to monitor in real-time planning processes performances. Business trajectory management will also evolve in Step 3 to enable the introduction of advanced airspace structures (and associated management processes).

Objective is the sharing of the trajectories between the Airspace Users and the other ATM actors through an iterative process to take into account more accurate data once available (intentions, meteo forecast, current traffic, airspace management, etc.) and for the Airspace User to choose the preferred way of integrating ATM constraints when required.
Non-scheduled operations will need to be planned for and accommodated in the DCB that the SBT/SMT enables. Integration of third-party service providers or individuals to the network will need to be defined to allow input of non-scheduled operator flight plans.
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