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AOM-0301 — Harmonised EUROCONTROL ECAC Area Rules for OAT-IFR and GAT Interface

OAT operation across Europe is improved by harmonising relevant national OAT arrangements for pan-European use.

The needs of military aviation and ATM support are often beyond the scope of civil aviation and therefore not sufficiently covered by ICAO provisions for General Air Traffic (GAT). This requires the military to use Operational Air Traffic (OAT) as the means to provide the regulatory provisions and ATM arrangements necessary for successful military training and mission accomplishment. However, each State has developed different OAT rules, which need to be harmonised in line with the Functional Airspace Blocks (FAB) principles. Therefore, the EUROCONTROL Member States requested the Agency to develop harmonised European-level OAT arrangements to further enhance civil-military coordination and in particular to progress and implement the interoperability of GAT and OAT structures and operations.
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Dependent OI Steps

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Has successor AOM-0303 Pan-European OAT Transit Service
Has successor AOM-0304-A Improved and Harmonised OAT Flight Plan

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AOM13.1 Harmonise Operational Air Traffic (OAT) and General Air Traffic (GAT) Handling

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