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AOM-0401 — Multiple Route Options & Airspace Organisation Scenarios

More route options and a greater freedom in profile selection is offered. Cross-border sectorisation is enabled where appropriate to meet changing traffic flows across FIR boundaries reflecting the move towards Functional Airspace Blocks envisaged within the Single European Sky. The revised route structure continues to provide connectivity with major TMAs and accommodates expected traffic demand. The airspace design and pre-determined scenarios provide viable options to airspace users with multiple route options and modular temporary airspace structures. Airspace scenarios are agreed by airspace users, ANSPs, military to enable more efficient routings on the day of operation (e.g. where airspace released by the military is not fully utilised).

Dynamic management requires that the European airspace structure changes to a multiple choice route network with pre-determined direct route segments supplemented by suitable planned alternatives, and co-existing with temporary airspace structures meeting all potential specific use airspace requirements.
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