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DCB-0207 — Management of Critical Events

Critical event means an unusual situation or crisis involving a major loss of EATMN capacity, or a major, imbalance between capacity and demand, or a major failure in the information flow involving many partners and requiring immediate action to minimise consequences and to retrieve network stability. A pan-European procedure is established for managing critical events such, as industrial actions etc., which can be tailored to the needs/requirements of individual countries thus leading to better utilisation of limited available capacity. Since the impact of some events goes beyond ATM a European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC) has been established supporting the activation and coordination of contingency plans at State level.

Management of critical events remains a key at European ATM network level as it is dependent on the willingness of all actors to participate in CDM processes. The management of critical events, be it pro-active (known events) or reactive (unplanned, but prepared) is essential to minimise their impact on the network situation.
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