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AUO-0706 — Enhanced departure runway occupancy time thanks to efficient line-up and take-off

The Flight Crew of a departing aircraft is assisted by the on-board system for an efficient line-up and take-off that results in a reduced and more predictable ROT at departure. This results in a reduced and more predictable departure ROT, coordinated with ground ATC through datalink, and based on avionics that supports an efficient (fast, accurate, reliable and safe) line-up and take-off of the aircraft.
The benefits of this operational improvement (mainly the enhanced ROT predictability) will show both in good visibility conditions as well as in low visibility conditions. The benefit is likely to be bigger in low visibility conditions where the observed departure ROT is generally greater than the one observed in good visibility conditions.

Providing assistance to the Flight Crew for an efficient line-up and take-off will not only reduce the departure ROT but also enhance drastically the predictability/accuracy of ROT at departure. All of this is likely to enhance AMAN/DMAN sequencing on the corresponding runway.
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