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CM-0604 — Separation Management using RBTs with 3D RNP Specifications

The RBT is a 'precision trajectory' in that it may include required navigational performances associated to the Pre-defined or User-preferred routes of RBT. In performance based operations, this includes 3D RNP specifications on specified points to ensure de-confliction of 3D trajectories. The RBT may be revised using additional or amended 3D routes/waypoints to ensure separation in execution phase; ATC clearances are included as part of the RBT Revision process.
User-preferred Trajectories/Revisions may include non-published waypoints that are computed by Ground tools (ideally using information from the airborne system) and defined in lat/long or bearing/range.
Longitudinal separation is provided by ATC to complement the 3D route (based on a User-preferred Trajectory). This may be achieved through surveillance based separation and/or the dynamic application of constraints. New support tools and procedures and working methods have to be put in place. This mode relies of aircraft capabilities enabling the vertical containment of the trajectory (3D tube) and less of ATC tactical operations. CONOPS.

The goal is to enable controllers, supported by conflict prediction and resolution tools and conformance and intent monitoring, to manage a significant increase in traffic while keeping total task load at acceptable levels.
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