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CM-0701 — Ad Hoc Delegation of Separation to Flight Deck - In Trail Follow & In trail Merge Procedure (ASEP-ITF & ITM )

The In-Trail Procedure - for use en-route in an oceanic environment - allows climbs and descents with temporarily reduced longitudinal separation minima. A limited transfer of separation responsibility between the controllers and aircrews is assumed (i.e. the duration of the ITP climb or descent). The flight crew has to monitor and maintain spacing to specific aircraft during the manoeuvre.

Controllers are able, under defined conditions, to delegate the responsibility for specific separation tasks to the flight deck of suitably-equipped aircraft. Such delegations will be part of the clearance resulting from mutual agreement between controllers and pilots. It is cooperative separation. The benefits will be to discharge the controller, by delegation of tasks to the flight crew and to minimise the impact of conflict resolution on trajectory.
MIL Note: These In-trail procedures are already used by military for departure and arrival phases. They are especially useful for multi-aircraft formation management and they will continue to be in the future. Nevertheless, they use different technical enablers and this OI does not address these flight phases performed in Terminal Areas.
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Has predecessor AUO-0503 In-trail Procedure in Oceanic Airspace (ATSA-ITP)
Has successor CM-0702 Ad Hoc Delegation of Separation to Flight Deck - Crossing and Passing (C&P)

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