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AO-0824 — Network-connected Regional Airports

The connectivity between regional airports and the NMOC is improved thanks to the provision of DPI messages based on target times and a reduced set of turnaround milestones compared to the full A-CDM implementation. The applicability to regional airports is reliant on the high degree of predictability of airport parameters including taxi-times, turnaround times and passenger boarding times. Ground handler workload is reduced as a result of automatic determination of the aircraft-ready time (TOBT) based on the status of the passenger boarding provided by the local airport system.
The expected benefits relate to Predictability, Flexibility and Efficiency for all airport stakeholders.

Currently the integration of airports into the ATM Network is achieved through either the A-CDM concept or the Advanced Tower concept.
A third category of airport (regional airports) is proposed where a reduced set of CDM milestones is implemented and calculated in a quasi-automatic fashion - reducing the need for Airline / Ground Handler inputs. Such an approach relies on the stability and predictability of taxi-times which is considered as feasible in such airports. This will be a way to simlifie the work needed to manually update CDM milestones, and also to enable the connection of regional airport to NMOC.
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