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AO-0820 — Pro-active Collaborative Management of Predicted Performance Deterioration via UDPP

Collaborative recovery procedures and associated predictive and decision support tools (limited to UDPP) are put in place in order to support Airport, Airspace Users, Network and ANSP stakeholders to anticipate, understand and collaboratively manage disruptive adverse events at the airport to reduce impact and knock-on effect, optimising solutions whilst ensuring that users' end-to-end processes are managed.

Monitoring of operational performance and some manual collaborative processes for recovery management exist in STEP1.
However, there is a need for new collaborative operational procedures between Airport, AU and ANSPs that should be developed. These need to be supported by tools, to better manage a disruption, encouraging flexibility, to consider AU preferences and priorities via UDPP inclusion and speeding up of the recovery to normal operations.
A reduction of the 'human-in-loop' for the collaborative processes is also expected by automating the evaluation of the proposed UDPP aircraft sequences regarding the expected impact on airport KPIs.
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