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SDM-0406 — Aeronautical Digital Map Common Service (Business Improvement)

The concept of Common Services (COSER) aims at addressing the high costs caused by European ATM fragmentation, by sharing common capabilities and offer it to different interested consumers in order to reduce the costs of ATM provision. The Common Service can be provided at different levels, ranging from local to sub regional level, depending on the underlying business model.

The function of the Aeronautical Digital Map Common Service is to provide digital maps for usage in Tower and Centre ATS System components like SDD, Safety Nets, as well for simulation systems and other systems using digital geographical maps.
The maps can be tailored in terms of geographical coverage, contained features, display attributes, individual structures of layers and digital format (e.g. GML).
The scope of the service is linked to the two elements already existing in EATMA:
¿ The Service ¿Aeronautical Information Map¿.
¿ ¿Aeronautical information exchange¿ on iSWIM over the yellow profile as requested in the PCP Sub-Functionality AF5.3.

The Aeronautical Digital Map Service collects aeronautical data from authorised sources, filters them and produces individual map graphics depending on the specific usages as geographical are or system functionality.
In this sense, configuration management tools should be implemented to better satisfy the consumer requirements. The Aeronautical Digital Map Service develops a map service that on the basis of a data set (as the one expected to be provided by Static Aeronautical Data Common Service), is able to produce "on demand" digital maps. The service shall allow configuration both data to be included in the map, both map styles and formats in order to better satisfy consumer requirements.
Regarding the regulatory aspects, ADQ1 applies for raw data upstream for production of digital maps. No other certification issues are foreseen besides QM.
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