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SDM-0403 — Trajectory Prediction Common Service (Business Improvement)

The concept of Common Services (COSER) aims at addressing the high costs caused by European ATM high fragmentation. The idea of sharing a common capability and offer it to different interested consumers is directed at reducing the costs of ATM provision. The common Service can be provided at different levels, ranging from local to sub regional level, depending on the underlying business model.

The function of the Trajectory Prediction common service is:
¿ Manage the flight intents
¿ Manage the environment data (SID-STAR, runways, MTO¿)
¿ Manage the constraints ( ATC, NM, ¿)
¿ Compute and maintain an updated trajectory according to the flight progress
As this Service is safety related, measurements should be taken to protect the data security and the service provider needs to be certified

The Trajectory Prediction common service is aimed to cover the pan-European area or group of states and should ensure appropriate quality level in terms of service availability, response time and data accuracy

The Service needs to receive airspace data (including TMA and runways configuration), ATC restrictions, requests from ATSUs, MET and surveillance data and airborne performance information. State of the art software algorithms will compute and generate dynamically updated trajectories, including list of crossed airspace sectors. A solid communications infrastructure is required to support all information exchanges.
As well as all other Common Services, it is expected that provision of Trajectory Prediction services will be staged in a market place that is open to competition. Therefore it is expected that collaboration and partnerships between ANSP¿s and other stakeholders is fostered and necessary to facilitate activities.
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