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SDM-0203 — Generic' (non-geographical) Controller Validations

Advanced automation and other future concepts (e.g. 4D Trajectory management), harmonising ATC working methods and decreasing ATCOs tactical tasks, allow controllers to hold more generic validations rather than validations based purely on specific (geographic) sectors.

Generic validations will allow greater flexibility to match ANSP resources to predicted demand.
Controllers will hold more generic validations, supported by advanced automation capabilities leading to more consistent operating techniques less reliant upon detailed knowledge of specific local systems, airspace and procedures. ATCO deployment efficiency is expected to improve due to controller validations no longer being linked to a specific geographical location, but only to a given airspace type (yet to be defined). However, there may be a cost efficiency trade-off between ATCO deployment efficiency and individual ATCO productivity in terms of number of aircraft they can handle per hour, which in turn impacts Capacity. This trade-off will need further exploration, while ensuring that Safety is maintained and Human Performance is acceptable. In addition, training requirements are expected to change due to new procedures and systems.
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