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Solution #117 — Reducing Landing Minima in Low Visibility Conditions using Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS)

The SESAR Solution ¿Reducing landing minima in low visibility conditions using enhanced Flight vision systems (EFVS)¿ is intended for flight crews, and corresponds to the use of EFVS visual based technologies displayed in HUD or an equivalent display system. The objective is to provide operational credit in approach as permitted per EASA EU 965/2012 and its coming amendments (NPA 2018-06 AWO) to face to Low visibility conditions.
Enabling EFVS operations with operational credits provides a greater availability of suitable destination and alternate aerodromes during periods of reduced visibility.
This effectively reduces the number of weather-related delays, cancellations or diversions of flights to CAT II/III aerodromes, permits shorter routings and reduced fuel costs, a faster return to scheduled operations, and less passenger inconveniences.

A unique advantage of the EFVS on board solution is that it is mainly supported by the aircraft system instead of airports and the need of complex and costly ground infrastructures as those implemented in CATII/III airports.
From a global ATM network standpoint, the EFVS operation allows to retain traffic at most of secondary aerodromes by providing operational credit at most of runway ends with precision or non-precision landing minima (LPV, LNAV/ VNAV, ILS CAT1,¿). The operational credit provided by EFVS is particularly important regarding secondary aerodromes because they usually have CAT1 or higher than CAT 1 RVR ¿ DA/DH minima and are therefore potentially more frequently impacted by adverse weather conditions.
In addition, EFVS capability is a key operational advantage more especially for the business aviation community that is mainly composed of small/ medium operators with limited resources and operating frequently at small/ medium airports.
Beyond operational credit, the Vision Systems such as the EFVS improves situational awareness in all weather conditions for all operators at all airports contributing supporting decision making and increasing safety margin all the time.

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