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S-AF2.1 — DMAN synchronised with Predeparture sequencing

Departure management synchronised with pre-departure sequencing is a means to improve departure flows at one or more airports by calculating the Target Take Off Time (TTOT) and Target Start Approval Time (TSAT) for each flight, taking multiple constraints and preferences into account. Pre-departure management consists of metering the departure flow to a runway by managing Off-block-Times (via Start-up-Times) which take account of the available runway capacity. In combination with Airport - Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), Pre- departure management reduces taxi times, increases Air Traffic Flow Management-Slot (ATFM-Slot) adherence and predictability of departure times. Departure management aims at maximising traffic flow on the runway by setting up a sequence with minimum optimised separations.
Operational stakeholders involved in A-CDM shall jointly establish pre-departure sequences, taking into account agreed principles to be applied for specific reasons (such as runway holding time, slot adherence, departure routes, airspace user preferences, night curfew, evacuation of stand/gate for arriving aircraft, adverse conditions including de-icing, actual taxi/runway capacity, current constraints, etc.).

Deployment Target Date


System Requirements

- Departure Management (DMAN) and A-CDM systems shall be integrated and shall support optimised pre-departure sequencing with information management systems for airspace users (Target Off Block Time (TOBT) feeding) and airport (contextual data feeding).
- DMAN systems shall elaborate a collaborative sequence and provide both TSAT and TTOT. TSAT and TTOT shall take into account variable taxi times and shall be updated according to the actual aircraft take-off; DMAN systems shall provide the air traffic controller with the list of TSAT and TTOT for the aircraft metering.

Geographical Scope

Departure Management Synchronised with Pre-departure sequencing shall be operated at the following airports: London-Heathrow, Paris-CDG, London-Gatwick, Paris-Orly, London-Stansted, Milan-Malpensa, Frankfurt International, Madrid-Barajas, Amsterdam Schiphol, Munich Franz Josef Strauss, Rome-Fiumicino, Barcelona El Prat, Zurich Kloten (1), Düsseldorf International, Brussels National, Oslo Gardermoen (2), Stockholm-Arlanda, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Manchester Ringway, Palma De Mallorca Son San Juan, Copenhagen Kastrup, Vienna Schwechat, Dublin, Nice Cote d'Azur.
This sub-functionality should also be operated at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
(1) Subject to incorporation of this Regulation into Agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation on Air Transport.
(2) Subject to incorporation of this Regulation into EEA Agreement.


Operational Improvement Steps

Code Title IOC FOC Related Elements
AO-0602 Collaborative Pre-departure Sequencing 26-06-2010 26-06-2014
TS-0201 Basic Departure Management (Pre-departure Management) 31-12-2010 31-12-2014

SESAR Solutions

Implementation Objectives

Code Title Related Elements
AOP05 Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

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