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S-AF2.3 — Time-Based Separation for Final Approach

Time-Based Separation (TBS) consists in the separation of aircraft in sequence on the approach to a runway using time intervals instead of distances. It may be applied during final approach by allowing equivalent distance information to be displayed to the controller taking account of prevailing wind conditions. Radar separation minima and Wake Turbulence Separation parameters shall be integrated in a TBS support tool providing guidance to the air traffic controller to enable time-based spacing of aircraft during final approach that considers the effect of the headwind.

Deployment Target Date


System Requirements

- The flight data processing and AMAN systems shall be compatible with the TBS support tool and able to switch between time and distance based wake turbulence radar separation rules
- The controller working position shall integrate the TBS support tool with safety nets to support the air traffic controller, in order to calculate TBS distance respecting minimum radar separation using actual glide-slope wind conditions
- Local meteorological (MET) information providing actual glide slope wind conditions shall be provided to the TBS support tool
- The TBS support tool shall provide automatic monitoring and alerting on non-conformant final approach airspeed behaviour, automatic monitoring and alerting of separation infringement and automatic monitoring and alerting for the wrong aircraft being turned on to a separation indicator
- The TBS support tool and associated controller working position shall calculate Indicator distance and display it on controller displays
- Safety nets capturing automatic monitoring and alerting of separation infringement shall support TBS operations

Geographical Scope

Time-Based Separation for Final Approach shall be operated at the following airports: London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick, Paris-Orly, Milan-Malpensa, Frankfurt International, Madrid-Barajas, Amsterdam-Schiphol, Munich Franz Josef Strauss, Rome-Fiumicino, Zurich Kloten (1), Düsseldorf International, Oslo Gardermoen (2), Manchester Ringway, Copenhagen Kastrup, Vienna Schwechat, Dublin.
This sub-functionality should also be operated at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
(1) Subject to incorporation of this Regulation into Agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation on Air Transport.
(2) Subject to incorporation of this Regulation into EEA Agreement.


Operational Improvement Steps

Code Title IOC FOC Related Elements
AO-0303 Time Based Separation for Final Approach - full concept 31-12-2019 31-12-2023

SESAR Solutions

Implementation Objectives

Code Title Related Elements
AOP10 Time-Based Separation