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CM-0210-b — Ground Based Flight Conformance Monitoring in En-Route using aircraft Data

The system provides the En-Route controller with warnings if aircraft behavior or aircraft intent deviate from the flight intent (iRB/MT) in ground system.

The objective of this automation is to assist the En-route controller in maintaining situational awareness and relieving him from some routine tasks. Monitoring aids will be based on enhanced trajectory data (including Aircraft Trajectory Data as defined in ATN B2 ), aircraft derived data (including ADS-B data as defined in ED-102-A/DO260B) and will have to be adapted to new navigation specifications (e.g. RNP 1...). The relevance and quality of available data will be considered depending on the situation (e.g. open loop clearance).
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Has predecessor CM-0207-A Advanced Automated Ground Based Flight Conformance Monitoring in En-Route

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