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AOM-0601 — Terminal Airspace Organisation Adapted through Use of Best Practice

Terminal Airspace is adapted in line with the availability of airspace and the capability of aircraft. Airspace organisation is enhanced in some Terminal Airspace with the use of best practices. . Terminal Airspace Capacity is enhanced by applying best practice and exploiting the upgraded aircraft capabilities to optimise all or any of the following aspects as appropriate: - placement of SIDs/STARs and instrument approach procedures (as regards distance flown, flight profile, time, cost and flexibility to all users) and exploiting the use of RNAV to those ends; design of terminal airspace structures and ATC sectorisation with a view to evenly distributing ATC and flight crew workload; minimising adverse ATM related environmental impact.

PRNAV may facilitate improvements in the efficiency and capacity of Terminal Airspace through increased flexibility in design and reduced route separation.
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Dependent OI Steps

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Has successor AOM-0603 Enhanced Terminal Airspace for RNP-based Operations

SESAR Solutions

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NAV03.1 RNAV 1 in TMA Operations
ATC26 Point Merge in complex TMA

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