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IS-0206 — Digital Integrated Briefing during flight execution phase

The information required for pilot briefing updates in-flight is available in digital format, through air-ground data link (SWIM compliant). These digital data updates are merged with the digital MET and other relevant information (AIS, ATFM, FUA), which was pre-loaded before the flight and which is used in an interactive manner for pilot awareness on EFB-like devices.

This improvement will ensure the provision of digital briefing services on the ground, including the aircraft at the gate, limited to ground-ground SWIM services. Aeronautical Information changes that occur while the aircraft is in the air are limited and amount for an estimated maximum 1-2%, as compared with the situation before the flight. For MET data, the need for in-flight updates is much more important. Therefore, the primary focus of this operational improvement should be on the provision of in-flight digital MET data updates. The AIS and ATFM data in-flight updates will be carried on the back of the MET data.
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Has predecessor IS-0205 Digital Integrated Briefing for pre-flight phase

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