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DCB-0211 — Traffic & Demand Forecast in 4D trajectory Management Context

The aim of this OI is to benefit from the shared iterative SB/MT development and provides enhanced and continuous Traffic/Demand Forecast services from long term planning to execution phases in 4D Trajectory Management context.
It includes the development of 4D trajectory based forecast methodology (build on 2D, 3D and 4D trajectory data provided by the AUs), operational workflows, and the appropriate infrastructure which provide European airspace planners and airspace users with a common and consistent picture of European air traffic demand that will meet their planning and monitoring needs.
It includes as well improved traffic predictability thanks to the elaboration of the probabilistic demand, the consideration of planned DCB measures and the consideration and processing of airspace users shared flight information (including a set of confidence indexes and their interpretation) in support of the traffic demand enrichment.

Enhanced Business Trajectory Forecast methodology (as an extension of DDR1 and DDR2) will provide a standardised confidence indicator and define common operational usage of 4D trajectories forecast resulting from various data sources including historical 4D trajectories, scheduled SBTs (2D, 3D, 4D Schedules) and RBTs. Furthermore, the incorporation of more accurate MET information will enhance the accuracy of traffic/Demand forecast.
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