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SWIM-APS-04b — Consumption of G/G and initial A/G ASM-ATFCM Information Services on Wide Area communications

Wide area communications services for collecting, disseminating and negotiating demand and capacity information and balancing measures between regional ATFCM, Airspace Users, Airports, ATM service providers, Military authorities and other interested parties. Includes point-to-point, multicast and broadcast capability. Consumption of ground - ground data services for:

- Flight Plan Preparation (Preliminary Flight Plan, extended Flight Plan, Flight Plan validation and generate valid routes)
- Flight Plan Filing (Submit, update and cancel preliminary and extended Flight Plans. Indicate and query Flight status)
- Flight Management (Retrieve Flight lists and detailed Flight data)
- Airspace Availability (request, compare, retrieve and send Airspace Use Plans)
- Airspace Reservation
- Airspace Structure (Retrieve)
- ATFCM Measures
- Slot Management (Slot swapping between AO)
- Airport CDM (Departure and Arrival Planning Information)
- Free route validation services against flow restrictions provided by the Network Manager

Consumption of the following ATFCM services (related to Network Operation Planning) :
- AOP/NOP exchange services with Airports
- Operation Plan exchange services with ANSPs

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