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CM-0302 — Ground based Automated Support for Managing Traffic Complexity Across Several Sectors

The system supports INAP actors for smoothing flows of traffic and de-conflicting flights across INAP AoR (thus covering a part or the whole of an ATSU AoR).
ATC Planning Control roles are assisted in alleviating traffic complexity, facilitating traffic sequencing, and optimizing traffic flows thanks to:
* Finer ATFCM measures (Smart Trajectory Adjustment Measures), taken in a timeframe particularly close to the time of occurrence of the complexity situation, which allows for more reliable and efficient analysis, better focused measures which are more likely to have the desired impact, without unwanted side effects
* Support to ATCOs on CWPs to facilitate decision making process and implementation of the ATFCM measures (on the basis of Best Effort principle).

The objective is to provide support to the planning control service (ensured by a variety of actors depending on local organization, e.g. Multi Sector / Extended ATC Planner) on assessing the need for revision of individual trajectories along the (collaboratively) prepared and coordinated DCB plan (elaborated in CM-104-B), using advanced planning tools and consequently reducing complexity in his extended planning horizon (across several units), around 45 to 15 min before sector entry .
ATCOs on CWPs will benefit from a shared ATFCM situation awareness (awareness of hotspots in their Area of Interest for ATFCM , but also the planned resolution strategy , and their potential role to contribute to its implementation/ update), as well as support for implementation of the ATFCM measures for flights already airborne.
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