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AUO-0703 — Optimised Enhanced Braking Information at a Pre-selected Runway Exit Coordinated with Ground ATC by Datalink

Optimised enhanced braking information at a pre-selected runway exit by shortening or extending the roll-out phase. Coordinated with ground ATC through datalink, and based on avionics that controls the deceleration of the aircraft to the design speed for the selected exit.

Landing aircraft can make optimal use of existing exits (RETS or other) by adapting braking techniques after landing. During blue sky situations the pilot could adapt approach speed and/or braking as he can see the exit from quite a distance. During low visibility conditions this will become more difficult and longer ROTs will occur. Assisting the pilot to achieve optimal final aircraft configuration and braking techniques will result in lower ROTs and thus maintaining or increasing throughput and capacity. Runway exit to be planned and managed in consistency with taxi route. Consider downlinking on-board computed ROT, if available. Could ultimately be linked with TBS on approach to optimise the intervals between landing a/c.
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