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CM-0102-A — Dynamic Sectorisation based on complexity

This improvement relates to the management of airspace/route structure. The system provides support for decision making based on pre-defined sector sizing in order to pre-deconflict traffic and optimize use of controller work force.

Complexity in very busy airspace may be so high that it will not be possible to manage it with conventional ATC means; managing controllers┬┐ workload becomes crucial. One way of doing it is through this operational improvement: dynamic resizing and change of sector┬┐ shape and volume based on pre-defined airspace configurations contributes to equal distribution of workload throughout sectors in one centre/FAB and it could be done only through automated systems with continuously evaluate traffic complexity in the future and propose optimum sectorisation solutions. Taking into account the time horizon, several complexity indicators could be used for this optimization due to the available accuracy of the traffic demand (e.g. entry hourly rate, occupancy counts, workload).
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Has successor AOM-0807 Dynamic Management of Sectors in Terminal Airspace
Has successor CM-0102-B Dynamic Airspace Management based on complexity

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